2 Chief Factors Affecting thermage price

2 Chief Factors Affecting thermage price

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If you have read about HIFU laser facelifts, then you will be further delighted to know in detail about thermage. It is another non-invasive treatment where the specialists will use radio-frequency technology for smoothening the fine line, minimizing the wrinkles, and tightening the skin. The technology is safe as it triggers your skin to repair itself instead of trying something more invasive. The radio waves travel deeper into the skin layers until they reach the collagen layer. The following post is all about explaining the thermage price [thermage ราคา, which is the term in Thai].

Factors affecting the cost

If you compare the technique to HIFU, you will notice that the process is more expensive. And it is due to certain factors.

  1. Patent for treatment


The equipment for imparting the treatment is the most important aspect of the entire procedure. And only one company receives the patent for manufacturing the devices. In particular, the tip will have the patent. So it increases the thermage pricing as the majority of the entire treatment revenue will go into the company that is manufacturing these devices exclusively. In fact, you should ask the clinic to hand you over the tip after each session so that you can take it home and note the serial number as a matter of information.

  1. Qualification of staff

Thermage is not a straightforward procedure that anyone can do holding the equipment. Unless the specialists have the knowledge and training to understand the impact of the pulses, the process won’t be successful. Clinics with all experienced and highly qualified staff will always charge more for the entire treatment process as better training indicates better results. The price of the procedure will rise as a mark of respect to the knowledge and understanding of the technology and applying it accurately for every patient, after analyzing the case.

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