7 Most Asked Questions On Hair Transplant

7 Most Asked Questions On Hair Transplant

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When people suffer from severe hair loss, they always tend to go for a direct hair transplant. Now, if the surgery is conducted successfully, it is going to bring the results as well. But there are many questions going on in people’s minds before going for a direct hair transplant. They wonder what would be the direct hair implantation cost. The hair loss treatment for women is supposed to work far differently, so questions arise in that regard too. We are going to look at 7 most frequently asked questions regarding direct hair transplant:-

Q1: How Much Is It Going To Cost?

The cost of the treatment varies depending on the condition of your hair and what treatment you choose. It is going to be challenging to cope up with direct hair implantation costs. But if you can manage it, you should be rooting for a direct hair transplant.


Q2: Are There Going To Be Scars Left After Undergoing Treatment?

There are majorly two types of direct hair transplants. One of them is Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS) and another is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). You should try going for FUE as it will leave almost no scars on your head. It is also going to bring you more direct hair implantation costs at the same point in time.

Q3: Am I Going To Suffer Through Pain During And After The Procedure?

More often than not, it is not going to cause you any pain. Although the treatment regarding hair loss treatment for women is far different, there wouldn’t be much pain in that procedure either. There can be a few side effects of anaesthesia and it is also caused to a very few people.

Q4: Will The Hair Last For A Long Run After The Treatment?

More often than not, they are bound to last for a lifetime. During the process of direct hair transplant, the hair is extracted from the area where they are in plenty and placed in areas where there’s baldness. Hair transplants are surely going to be a permanent solution.

Q5: Will I Lose My Hair After The Procedure As Well?

When you go for a hair transplant, it doesn’t mean that you’re going to get rid of hair fall at the same point in time. A hair transplant can only help you to repair the bald areas on your head. It doesn’t mean that you will not suffer from hair fall anymore.

Q6: How Much Rest Is Required After Hair Loss Treatment For Women?

The hair loss treatment for women works almost the same manner as men. So the rest required after the surgery is going to be the same as well. You can stay home for a week to rest your body.

Q7: Will One Hair Transplant Be Enough?

If it’s hair loss treatment for women, it might take more than one time to treat it. But more often than not, one time is enough.

If you have got your queries solved, it’s about time you look for the best direct hair implantation cost near you and choose the best treatment to end your hair loss struggles!

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