9 reasons not to go to the fitness club

9 reasons not to go to the fitness club

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9 reasons not to go to the fitness club

M – Motivation. Everyone comes to the gym for their own purpose, but the two main ones are to lose weight and pump up. But what if you do not really want to do your body? Read about nine reasons not to go to the fitness club.

If you think that your excess weight is not so excess and does not differ much from the norm of the majority, and the husband / wife loves you like that, then you can not be dragged to the gym. What for? After all, it is a waste of time, money for Testosterone Enanthate from DopingTeam.com and clothes, some diets, jars, shakers, gainers … No, if necessary, you can also hang in the yard on the horizontal bar. Below are nine powerful arguments against visiting fitness clubs.

  1. Subscription price

Open the website of any fashion club in the center of Moscow, preferably with a worldwide reputation, and admire the prices. For the money, they will offer you the best trainers in , the best training and nutrition programs, and make you a sweetie in the shortest possible time. But where so much ?! You can go to a decent restaurant together for the cost of a monthly subscription, and if the club is simpler, then at least go out with friends to barbecue.

  1. Too much time is spent on the road

It’s great if the gym is located right in your house – good, they’re not only in the capital at every step. But the closest club is not suitable for everyone, sometimes you have to get by bus, then by metro, then back. Or stuck in traffic. Consider a couple of hours lost, plus the training itself … During this time, you can order pizza, go for a beer, wait for the courier and watch a movie. And no fatigue before the new working day.

  1. It’s always crowded

You just with great pleasure said to many colleagues “Goodbye” and left the stuffy office, and here again they are people. Fitness clubs are rarely empty (especially in the evenings), there is always someone to chat with, laugh, discuss the past day and the latest news. It’s impossible to stay in silence and loneliness, forever someone will ask, advise, push something …

Be sure: while other clients are waiting in line for the simulator that you are trying to master, they giggle and discuss your thin legs and fat on your stomach. But the houses have already been waiting for you – it’s quiet, calm, they love and wait for you there. No one will think that it’s time for you to start tackling yourself, at home they are already warming fat borsch and taking out a saury pie from the oven.

  1. Too many new acquaintances

Not only that – all these people from the queues to the simulators will definitely want to meet you. For some reason, fitness lovers believe that you definitely need to smile at each other, support, help exercise properly and give endless nutrition tips.

Togo and look, they will start typing as friends, send all kinds of pictures with tightened female priests or wide male backs in social networks and pick them up from work on the way to the hall. No, no, no, you already have friends with whom you can scold deputies, or girlfriends who like to gossip. This is quite enough for the average person.

  1. Extra hobby for the evening

You already have a rich life – work, home, children, cleaning, stable once a month – movies, cafes, and even a bathhouse. Everyday life, however, is mostly gray and limited to work and home, but that’s why they are everyday life. Free time will be on the weekend, then you can have fun. As soon as you start attending a fitness club, everything will change: weekdays will be filled with sports and endorphins, and in the afternoon you will have to plan time after work – decide what occupation and what you will do, what muscles you will work on.

This variety is confusing and brings chaos to moderate everyday life. It is very easy to become addicted to it, sports can be very addictive. Think about whether you really need to improve your body and spirit, why do you need such a resource-intensive hobby after work. Are you ready to exchange a comfortable armchair, dinner and TV series for this is all that is?

  1. Opposite sex

It is said that more than half of successful acquaintances of women and men begin during joint sports. There is nothing surprising in this: in the gym, people see each other in the smallest details, various poses, emotions come out here, people become themselves and demonstrate their will, character, desire to become better and more beautiful.

God forbid you to show your will to win and an excellent figure after six months of training, they will immediately begin to look after (if you are a girl) or build your eyes (if you are a man). Do you know how difficult it is to meet a phytonyashka or a pumped up guy? They will not get off you until you look better than everyone else, until you are called the most beautiful and athletic couple in this club. They drive you on simulators, ban cakes and will wake you up for a run in the morning. No normal person will subscribe to this.

  1. The fitness club has too many “smart people”

The most dangerous thing you can do in the simulator is to ask a question. Love to take risks – ask others how to eat better or how to quickly build muscle, how to “dry” properly and which manufacturer of gainers is better. There are too many advisers and experts, everyone considers himself a nutritionist, fitness trainer, and expert in human physiology.

All these people really do not want to help you, they only show off their results. You already know everything, right? Why do you need to listen to strangers, because this is only their experience – for example, if they managed to lose 20 kilograms in a year, this does not mean that you will succeed. You will come home, calmly watch videos on the Internet, download a fitness tracker to your phone, and without any clever people will figure out your weight. In the end, the “wide bone” has not been canceled.

  1. Gyms kill self-esteem

Have you ever wondered why in simulators these huge mirrors on the whole wall? For narcissism. Just look at the pleasure with which girls do squats and cannot stop looking at their ass. And the dumbbell rolls? It seems that they are ready to move all the shells and benches close to the mirror in order to enjoy their reflection from the closest possible distance.

It’s good for them, they have a sports body constitution – nature awarded both muscles and elastic forms. You have nothing to do here, unless you specifically came to the gym to get stress. There is no escape from the mirrors, they are everywhere in the simulator, you have to look at your stomach and compare yourself with others. The strangest thing is that the reflection at home is completely different – there is clearly something wrong with the mirrors in the fitness club, they only show your flaws, but they make the rest more beautiful. Take care of your self-esteem, it’s not at all your fault that someone was lucky to be born an athlete.

  1. Intrusive instructors and trainers

You are an adult and you deliberately came to a fitness club to become better. You do not need to be forced to do something, so why do the coaches decide what is needed? Seriously, these are the most unpleasant types that cause only irritation. Thanks, of course, to them for compiling the program and showing how to turn on the cyclic and use complex simulators. But for God’s sake, let me sit quietly and take a breath, this bike path will not run away!

Sooner or later you will realize that no one needs coaches. The same Internet is replete with a bunch of different programs. Better save your nerves, buy a simulator and put it at home – it will come out even cheaper than an annual subscription to a good club. Already at home, nobody will force you to work on it when you have no strength.

Set aside for class, for example, Saturday morning. Get enough sleep after a hard week, have lunch, but do not exercise on a full stomach. If the food still doesn’t settle down, postpone the workout for tomorrow or next week, and spend time with your family – you are your own boss and you know better that you can start practicing at any convenient time.

If even these reasons do not stop you, you want to train and are not looking for excuses, then get ready to train more – you obviously do not need to be motivated by anything!

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