Considering The Treatment Options For De Quervain’s Disease

Considering The Treatment Options For De Quervain’s Disease

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Do you often experience pain near the base of the thumb? Is there a swelling near the base of the thumb?  If you experience pain around the wrist, it could be due the affected tendons in the wrist causing the base of the thumb to swell. When the swelling results in casings over the tendons, the area becomes inflamed. People with De Quervain’s tensonyvitis may experience pain and numbness in the wrist and the base of the thumb when the nerves in the adjoining area feel the pressure. One of the major symptoms of this condition is tenderness or pain around the base of the thumb.

Treatment options to consider:

Once the medical practitioner analyses the Finkelstein test report, they may suggest the best treatment options for De Quervain’s tensonyvitis. The doctor may recommend surgical or non-surgical treatment options based on the condition of the patient. Among the non-surgical treatment options to consider is using splints around the thumb and wrist to prevent the area from moving unnecessarily. Apart from this, you can apply ice on the thumb and wrist area and avoid all those activities that may cause the pain to aggravate. The doctor may also give you anti-inflammatory medicines to reduce pain and swelling in De Quervain’s disease [ข้อ มือ อักเสบ, which is the term in Thai] or administer steroid injections for massive pain.

Surgical treatment:

When non-surgical treatments fail to treat De Quervain’s tensonyvitis, the doctor may recommend surgery. However, it is an outpatient procedure carried out in a medical facility under local anesthesia and mild sedation. During the surgical procedure, the doctor make a mild cut in the sheath, causing the tendons to slide more easily. The aim of a surgical procedure is to eliminate pain and swelling easily and restore the motion range on the thumb and wrist. Once you recover from the surgery, the doctor may ask you to visit a physical therapist for a thorough exercise program.

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