DayZ Tips and Tricks – DayZ Hacks

DayZ Tips and Tricks – DayZ Hacks

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Trying to be part of a multiplayer game is like joining a war where you need to be alert all the time. After all, most game developers will try to impress the players and they think they can only do that if the game is harder to deal with. It will be easier for the game to go viral that way as more people will be talking about it.

That is right and DayZ is no different. This game is also quite challenging and can be too much for a newbie. This is why you will see so many tips targeting them and below are just one of them. Check this out:

  • The ultimate goal in DayZ is to stay alive. Along the way, you can be injured a great deal and when this happens, you will be ineffective for a few minutes. You need to treat yourself so you can get back to your feet sooner and this is why you should always be ready with bandages. With DayZ hacks, you can get more bandages.
  • You will need a Melee weapon. Just as what you see in movies, most zombies come in packs and they won’t hesitate to dash to any food they come across the street. After all, they don’t have functional brains anymore. All they know is food and you are a perfect example. So, get yourself a weapon so you can’t stop them from becoming full with your body. You have to note that the zombies are already dead, and so you should aim at their heads if you want to kill them again in one go.
  • As mentioned above, there is a good chance you will get wounded along the way. The spot might be on any part of your body like on your hands, arms, legs, and so on. When you will be wounded in your arms, you might not be able to use them for a while, but you can still run and hide. That will not be the case when it is your legs that will be injured as you will surely just stay in one spot and can be more vulnerable to enemies. This is why when that happens, you should take morphine. This is why you also need to be with this aid all the time. With just a shot of morphine, you can already use the injured part of your body again.
  • If you are still a beginner, it is best to stay undetected, not only by zombies but by other players as well. Yes, killing other players is not promoted in DayZ, but this is not disallowed as well. So, try to stay away from high traffic areas, if you want to stay alive in the game. But if you have any of the DayZ hacks, you can better defend yourself.

When you are in a war, and you are still a fresh graduate fighter, you will not be assigned in the lead, right? You will be part of the backup team. That is just almost the same with DayZ. You should not be visible to the threats.

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