Guide to choose the first vape kit

Guide to choose the first vape kit

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So are you ready to step into the vaping world? Continue reading to find all that you need to know about vaping at the beginner level.

The vape device and its accessories can be either ordered online at your convenience from your home from various reputable and reliable websites or walk to the vape store for the seller to help and guide you with the suitable one that matches all your requirements. Online stores are better, as you can take your time, go through various sites, and check for the product descriptions, customer reviews and rating to conclude on the right choice. Either way, when you buy a basic vape kit, it includes a battery, heating coil and tank. The battery in the device helps to generate the power to the coil, which converts the e-juice filled in the tank to vapour.

Two major factors to consider while buying the vape device –


If you have plans of using the vape device for the long term, the refillable option is the right decision but is costlier than other types of vapes.  Go for the reusable vapes if you have the time and patience to change the heating element and clean the tank. And for beginners who want to try the vapes, check for the disposable ones which do not have any maintenance and is cheaper than all devices.

Battery life

As the general rule, the smaller battery will offer a shorter usage time with the more charging requirement. There are variations to batteries requirements with external and internal storage, battery life and more. Disposable vape devices such as SMOK comes with a single-use pre-charged battery that can be used till the battery drains and disposed of.

Every vape brand tries to introduce size, shape and product variations to attract users based on their requirements. Additional features such as led lights, storage for additional battery, storage pockets and similar facilities are also available. You opt to spend on special features, such as sub-ohm tank, external batteries, variable voltage, temperature control system, LED display screen, atomizer airflow control are also available to suit every user needs.

And the main component of the e-cigarette – e-juice is also available in different flavours for the users to enjoy. The various flavours include mint, methanol, fruity flavoured, chocolate, coffee, ice tea and more. There are so many ingredients in e-liquids for the users to select and enjoy the experience of vaping.

Another speciality among the vape devices is the disposable one such as VVOW SMOK that is designed to be used only once. As the name suggests, these are the ones filled with the e-liquid and fully charged single-use battery for the user to use immediately after it is bought from the store. And when the entire liquid is used up, discard it in the dustbin safely. And then start with the new device.

We can find many variations of vapes in the market from single-use cartridges to refillable inserts that last for days. Add-on variation is also available for the user to use for the long-term with regular coil changes.

Ensure to check for the vaper power units that are available in different colours, shapes and sizes. These devices that mimic the cigarette are much cheaper than a regular cigarette. The vape pens are longer, thicker with a cylindrical shape that hides inside your palm or pocket comfortably.

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