Position Of The Air And Water And Methods To Have Clean Air And Water At Home

Position Of The Air And Water And Methods To Have Clean Air And Water At Home

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With the ongoing pandemic of covid 19, we now realized have our health is the most important possession of ours. As we can see, how important it is to take care of ourselves and our loved ones. It is very important to live in a very healthy clean environment but unfortunately, it is getting difficult to live in a totally clean environment. Like covid has made us realize that how important are little things in life, like the air we breathe and the water we drink, scientists have realized the importance of cleanliness and hygiene in the air and water and has worn us continuously to beware of it. Thanks to the various technologies like modern water purifiers, PCO technology, and others which help us to keep our safe from outside chemicals and pollution. Pollutions are a serious problem in today’s world. Everything is polluted from the soil, water, air. So it is important to know the causes of pollution and how we can protect ourselves from pollution. First, let’s discuss the types and causes of pollution

  • Water Pollution

Water pollution is the pollution of the water bodies of the earth. When certain chemicals or other bodies go into the water and make the water harmful for living bodies. The causes of water pollution can be man-made or natural. In natural causes, it can be volcano eruptions, animals waste like feces and urine in the water. Silted clay is also another cause of water pollution. In made causes, there is sewage, fertilizer and waste from factories. 

This contaminated unhygienic water can cause diarrhea, cholera, dengue, and fever.

  • Air Pollution

Air pollution refers to the pollution of the air we breathe, ie it the air is contaminated with a physical, biological, or chemical substance that is making the air harmful to breathe. It is a major global health issue, it has led to millions of death around the world. The main causes of water pollution can be again natural and manmade. The natural substances which can make the air harmful to breathe are viruses, pollen, bushfires, etc. The man-made causes can be harmful smoke from industries, and vehicles, and air conditioners. These toxic particles are so harmful that is can go directly into the lungs as we breathe air and cause permanent damage and kill people. 


Therefore for this harmful and polluted air and water to stay outside our home, it’s important to purify air and water with water filters and air purifiers with PCO technology or some other purifier.

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