What is the electronic liquid used in vapes?

What is the electronic liquid used in vapes?

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Electronic cigarettes are in trend now and are used by numerous people around the world to replace traditional cigarettes.

An E-cigarette is designed to simulate the act of smoking. But the e-cigarette doesn’t burn tobacco like it is done while smoking cigarettes. Instead, the e-cigarette is a battery-powered device. It works by the heating liquid into a vapour instead of combustion. The vapour is then inhaled into the lungs by the vaper. This process is termed vaping.

The component of the e-liquid

The liquid that is used in the e-cigarette is referred to as the e-liquid. It is also known by other names such as e-juice or vape juice. The liquid used in the e-cigarette may or may not contain nicotine. Other ingredients are propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine or glycerol, other chemicals to add flavours in the vape. And in some cases thee-juice also contains water as its component.

Propylene glycol is the substance that is used for flavouring. It helps in distributing the taste. Propylene Glycol is the same component that is used in vanilla extracts, food colouring, and various types of medicines.

The vegetable-based liquid that is thick and sweet is Vegetable Glycerine.

Note that VG and PG make up about 90% of the contents in e-liquid. The nicotine and food-grade flavouring make up the remaining 10% in the e-liquid.

The vapers can decide to use the quantity of nicotine content in e-liquid in the vape device they use. The nicotine content can be high, medium or can even be completed avoided.  Nicotine is the component that triggers our brain to release the chemical dopamine. The more items a person consume nicotine, the more dopamine is produced. When the nicotine-free vaping juice is used, the brain will no longer get the regular hit.  Smokers are now shifting to e-cigarette because it is a healthier option than smoking cigarettes. This made the need for a high level of nicotine concentration products to be higher.  Choosing the high content nicotine level and gradually reducing the level of nicotine over several months helps in stopping the addictive behaviour of smoking.

This is the reason why the pods such as JUUL Pods that come with more potent nicotine salt or nicotine-salt e-liquids are increasing. These products help to increase the peak concentration of nicotine in the blood. It also helps to satisfy the craving for nicotine smoking from the cigarette. And this is the strategy of making the e-liquid the standard alternative to the habit of smoking cigarettes.

E-liquid is also an affordable option compared to an e-cigarette. It is considered to be beneficial in long-term usage. Products such as disposable e-cigarette, rechargeable cartridge models and pre-filled cartridges are now available at a much affordable price in the market to fit everyone’s pocket.

With the technological development of the vaping industry, a wide range of devices and its component is improving tremendously. And it will continue to grow better in the market. This helps to assure an improved experience for the vapers.

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