What You Need to Know About Vaping as a Beginner

What You Need to Know About Vaping as a Beginner

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Here you will find a quick vaping guide if you’re interested in switching from smoking to vaping (or simply looking into vaping as a hobby). Vaping involves inhaling and exhaling vapour produced by an e-cigarette or similar device, such as pre-filled vape pods or hexa pods. Vapour is created by heating up the e-liquid, providing a nicotine hit without the smoke, tar, ash, and smell that come with traditional cigarettes.

A vape’s anatomy

There are a few main components of an e-cigarette (also known as a vape or vape mod):

  • The battery. Your e-cigarette’s battery is its power source. It is responsible for heating the e-juice so you can inhale the vapour. The battery is built into smaller e-cigarette devices, such as cigalikes. In more complicated devices, batteries are generally bigger, rechargeable, and replaceable.
  • The atomiser, coil, and wick. The battery powers the atomizer, which contains the wick and heating coil. Most vapers use an atomiser inside the tank, although advanced users sometimes use a separate atomizer. The wick is responsible for transporting the e-juice from the tank to the coil to be heated.
  • Tanks, carbomisers, and clearomisers. All of these components fall under the category of “tanks.” The tank is where your liquid is stored. When you need to fill your tank, the cartridges and clearomisers unscrew from the main device. In general, clearomisers are easier to clean and maintain, as they have transparent panels so you can see how much e-liquid is left, as well as silica wicks.

Vape juice

A beginner must understand what vape juice, also called e-liquid or e-juice, is all about. During the atomizer’s heating process, this liquid is held inside the tank. If you purchase a disposable e-cigarette, the vape juice will be prefilled, otherwise you will need to purchase the juice separately. PG, VG, food flavoring, and nicotine (although there may be nicotine-free e-liquids) are the main ingredients of e-liquid. A variety of nicotine strengths and flavours are available to suit your taste. In fact, you might find that vaping is most fun when you try new e-liquids and discover new flavours you like.

Types of e-cigarettes

Vaping devices are divided into a few different categories and there are many different variations within each category. Some of the most common vaping devices include:

  • Cigalikes: As their name implies, cigalikes have the same shape and size as traditional cigarettes. These vapes are extremely portable and simple to use, which makes them excellent for beginners. They can be more expensive in the long run, since you have to replace them, so most vapers eventually upgrade to something more advanced.
  • Vape pens: Compared to cigalikes which come in two parts (cartridges and batteries), vape pens are a bit larger and consist of three parts (battery, clearomiser, and mouthpiece). Due to their reusable nature, these devices are more cost-effective to use than disposables. Additionally, they provide better performance, function, and style.
  • Box mods: They feature larger batteries and coils that allow for more vapour to be produced for longer periods of time. The devices are designed for experienced vapers (although anyone can learn how to use and maintain them). They come equipped with a clearomiser, an atomiser, batteries, and mouthpieces.

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