3 Most Common Ankle and Foot Injury

3 Most Common Ankle and Foot Injury

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Millions of people complain every day about discomfort pain in the ankle and Foot. Patients are continuously diagnosed with swelling feet and stiffness in the Foot. An ankle injury is something that does not pose any bodily problem. But surprisingly, symptoms occur from this everyday overuse. Hurt in the ankle can happen in the most awkward position. While walking on uneven land can cause a sprain or injury. This kind of injury, if not treated at the initial stage, may get dangerous. According to research, about 25000 people come with a sprain in the ankle or deformities on the Foot.

Impact of stress Fracture on the Foot

Repetitive pressure on the Foot can cause permanent damage to the bone of the Foot. It can create small microscopic fractures on the Foot. This kind of fracture is very hard to heal because it requires surgery.

  • The uneven surface plays a very important role in creating the fracture. Continuous pressure on the Foot makes it hard for the bones to heal properly.
  • This kind of fracture also occurs when someone changes the mode of regular activity, like an exercise or any kind of physical activity surface.

Impact of Sprain in the Ankle

Another popular injury is an ankle sprain injury. It happens when the tissue joining the ligament on the ankle stretches or tears apart. Its impact is minor and can easily heal. But if the pain or the swelling in the ankle is continuous, it is better to consult a doctor. Treating the ankle is necessary; if not, then it may cause damage to other parts of the Foot. Hence you should Read More [อ่านต่อ which is the term in Thai ] about all the symptoms if you have ever faced any kind of sprain or injury. Understanding the various impact and effects of the injury is beneficial to avoid any future damage.

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