Ways To Protect Yourself From Leeches

Ways To Protect Yourself From Leeches

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There seem to be leeches that cover a particular environment. Some like a damp forest where they would fall on you as you walk past them, some like water, meaning you can get them while swimming in a pool or river.

However, it is possible that you won’t feel a leech get into your body. This is because while attaching themselves to your body, they inject a specific amount of anesthetic into the bite area.

If you are in an environment prone to these insects, it is crucial to always check your body, as they like wet places like the groin, under the breast, and behind the legs.

Tuck Your Polo Or Shirt Into Your Trousers And Your Trousers Into Your Boot

This will restrict the leech from getting into your armpits, your tummy, or anywhere warm. However, there are some tiny leeches, so this does not always work out as they can penetrate through your stockings, but this helps.

Put On Leech Socks

As we said earlier, some tiny leeches can penetrate through small spaces, so it is advisable to wear anti leech (ยากันทาก, which is the term in Thai) socks which helps to prevent them from getting through, hence, protecting your feet.

Use Strong Insect Repellent

You should get something like “DEET,” or probably something similar, and apply it on your legs, feet, and all the exposed part of your body, such as the neck and wrists, which are areas they can pass through even while putting on a cloth.

Tobacco Water And Leaves

Find some tobacco leaves and put them in water for a specific period. After they have soaked for some time, you can rub the water all over the body. Most people say that putting tobacco in your sucks helps deter leeches too.

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