paste for hair in Brooklyn

paste for hair in Brooklyn

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A couple of years ago, only the most advanced mods knew about the existence of hair paste, and it was almost impossible to buy it. Fortunately, times have changed, and today paste is one of the most beloved hair styling products for men!

Hair paste is a high-density styling product, which main purpose is to structure the hair. Almost invisible on the hair, it allows you to create natural Brooklyn hairstyles and give the curls the desired shape. The paste is usually referred to as medium fixation, that’s why during the day the hairstyle can be changed.

Hairpaste deservedly has a reputation as the most versatile styling product for men, and here’s why:

  • firstly, its consistency is not greasy (as in brioliol) and not viscous (as compared, for example, with clay), therefore it does not give the hair extra weight and a feeling of sticking together;
  • secondly, for the most part, professional hair pastes have a matting effect, which means that the hair will not get a greasy shine.

All hair styling pastes have approximately the same effect, but manufacturers distinguish several varieties for maximum user convenience:

  • modeling paste – suitable for those, who prefer a hairstyle in the style of “casual mess”: moving fixation will achieve maximum naturalness;
  • texture paste will put stylish accents in the hairstyle;
  • matting (or matte) paste¬† removes excess and untidy shine from hair.

Hairpaste has an established reputation as a styling product for men’s short hairstyles. But its possibilities are much wider!

Men’s hair is stiffer in structure than female hair, therefore styling products manufacturers take this feature into account: hair styling paste for men will allow you to keep styling for a long time and will not stick hair together.

Do you know why millions of men around the world choose hairpaste? Because with it you can easily create even complex hair styling at home!


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